U-Report Indonesia: Programme Update August 2014

During August on of the themes we addressed was the topic of birth registration with Child Protection. We asked a series of questions to our Indonesian U-Reporters about birth registration. The questions we asked were: . The U-Reporters responded and we got series of rich and interesting answers.


You can gain a repaid and meaningful overview of how youth think about an issues. With our high response rates to these questions and the ability right to ask questions to X youth from X regions. This is the type of access and two way communication U-Report delivers and as the user base grows the stronger the opinions of the participating youth will be. U-Report as a platform allows for two way engagement. Through questions and youth opinion in addition to other possible applications. Want a rapid  focus group with youth? Use U-Report. Want to have an interview with an individual U-Reporter, we can message them. Want to get inputs on a document from youth we can send a survey.


Don’t forget to check out our U-Report dashboard (under construction). The informational dashboard will record and display the ongoing questions, answers, and analysis results from U-Report Indonesia. Currently we have the most recent thematic area filled and will be filling out the rest of the content soon.

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The Global Design for UNICEF Challenge: Programme Update August 2014

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The Design Challenge for UNICEF was presented to the students at IPB Bogor on August 18th. UNICEF Presented to over 150 IPB Bogor students to introduce the program as well as the problem areas developed by programme colleagues. WASH, Emergency, and Child Protection are the problem areas for the Challenge and introduced to the students. It was great to introduce UNICEF its mission and goals to students through the Design Challenge. Child Protection was able to send Ali to support and inspire the IPB Bogor students to solve the issues of Birth Registration and Violence against children.

IMG_5580 (1280x853)

Thank you Ali! Emergency and WASH weren’t able to attend in person, but their spirit was present through their inputs on the presentation! Thanks Claire & Rheka. In September, we take the next step in the work plan where students will start developing and submitting their idea proposals through the online website. Stay tuned!

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Emergency Kit: Programme Update August 2014


The emergency kit team did the refreshment training with our partners PMI and MDMC. PMI and MDMC’s youth facilitators were re-trained on the using adapted Human Centered Design and innovation methods to develop concepts that address urban flooding and emergency situations with adolescents. The session on the 21st was to review the new Take Action facilitation module.

IMG_1702 IMG_1695

Take Action gives a systematic work-plan for the adolescent groups to take their knowledge of community issues and come up with ideas to address the problems they find most meaningful them. Most exciting is that this process will be run by the youth facilitators and their adolescent groups together. They will build their  problem-solving capacity and self-generate new concept and solutions for adolescents in emergencies. To stay involved follow us on our Facebook group page.

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U-Report Indonesia Activities: Programme Update August 2014

In August the Innovation Lab team has been making a concerted effort to raise awareness of U-Report Indonesia both to young people interested in development issues and potential partners. The first event the Innovation lab attended to promote U-Report Indonesia was in beginning of this month on August 19th for the Youthnesian UNFPA event. The  first large scale event we’ve officially attended to represent U-Report. We signed up over 50+ new followers over the course of the day thanks to the hard work of the team. Thank you Saskia, Annisa, and Imran!

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 7.02.38 PMUNFPA-UREPORT


More recently on August 26th the Innovation Lab represented UNICEF and U-Report Indonesia at the UNESCO Global Media Forum in Bali. We presented at the Empowering Youth through Social Media session on the 2nd day. Sharing U-Report and discussing how UNICEF’s ability to connect youth with government and development partners is an important new way of using digital communication. Between the welcoming dinner and the presentation, we were able to make connections with others from the UN and outside of the UN working on cutting edge programs focused on using media to empower young people and new types of civic engagement.

20140825_210628 Bv87caVCIAAyNQ4

The initiatives ranged from community radio in Mongolia, citizen mobile phone journalism in Indonesia and many others. We also connected with many people two highlights were: international broadcaster Femi Oke the host of Al Jazeera English’s hit social media show The Stream and popular Indonesian singer, actress, and artist Maudy Ayunda. Check out the whole day on our twitter feed! @UReport_id Saskia did a fantastic job of live tweeting the entire day.

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